Active Circuit

Tuesday, Sep 12, 8:00am to Friday, Nov 3, 8:00am
1114 Avenue of the Americas
Bryant Park

Robin Kang’s vivid fiber art examines our relationship with technology, both traditional and new. Active Circuit, commissioned by Arts Brookfield, presents nine weavings whose colorful patterns are inspired by vintage computer circuitry from the 1970’s and 80’s. Kang describes these weavings as chips, or components of information hardware. Each chip is activated by the energy of viewers passing through the exhibition. Activation in this instance however, becomes spiritual rather than physical. Each individual chip is matched to one of these virtues: courage, wisdom, faith, compassion, ethics, patience, diligence, justice, love. Just as circuits require electric current to operate, electric current is inherent to the functions of our bodies. Kang deepens our relationship to the rapidly advancing technologies that surrounds us, drawing us closer to these parallels.

She writes that the installation will create “electromagnetic energy that will refresh, restore, reprogram, or simply recharge anyone who activates the current.” By allowing ourselves to pass through and become part of a circuit pattern imbued with virtue, we will receive an energetic affirmation, a signal. In this way Kang explores technology as a potentially positive extension of ourselves. Active Circuit presents a unique space to pause and contemplate how we as creators and users of technology can channel positive energy. Walking through this labyrinth of weavings we are challenged to think of the ways our intentions can change the shape of our world.