The Darkest Side of Paradise

Friday, Mar 24, 7:00pm to Sunday, Apr 16, 5:00pm
1109 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

The Darkest Side of Paradise
Navigating the Modern-Day Drug Culture
Curated by Brittany Natale
Opening: Friday, March 24, 7-10 PM
On view Sundays 1- 5 PM through April 16
The Darkest Side of Paradise is a group show navigating the multi-faceted influence of drugs on US culture. Highly stigmatized but easily accessible, drug usage is deeply entrenched in the national landscape - from the opioid epidemic sieging rural counties, to the recent K2 overdoses in Brooklyn, to the overprescribing by the pharmaceutical industry, and beyond. Through paintings, sculpture, prints, installation and film, the artists in this exhibition address the nuanced role drugs and drug culture play in the contemporary American narrative. Working towards extending the dialogue of understanding, the works in The Darkest Side of Paradise document the personal experience or professional research of artists Priscila De Carvalho, Linda Herritt, Grayson Earle, Matt Greco, Katrina Majkut, Liam O'Brien, Juliana Paciulli and Matt Starr.